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Prep Hero is the all-in-one place for international students to find scholarships, financial aid, and college cost comparisons.

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Our AI-Powered tool finds the best scholarships for you based on your personal info, like grades, where you’re from and your preferred major.

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Don’t waste time on filling out the same info on each college application. use prep hero for entering your info once for all you applications.

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We guide you through landing the best scholarship for you, travelling, housing and finding a job after you graduate.

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Many international students feel pressure trying to find fully-funded scholarships to study abroad. Our guides aim to provide a clear roadmap to help students from developing countries make the best decision for their education without the stress.

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We’ll help you get the best of your local currency overseas

If you don’t know the best way to send and recieve money from your home country we’ve got you covered. we have guides for each country that will help maximize your income and minimize unnecessary fees.

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We help you never be strapped of cash. Everything from how to maintain your scholarships to how to plan your finances and even work-study programs.

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