8 Best AP Classes For Business Major

  1. AP Macroeconomics
  2. AP Microeconomics
  3. AP Statistics
  4. AP Calculus
  5. AP Psychology
  6. AP Computer Science
  7. AP English
  8. AP US Government and Politics

AP Macroeconomics

AP Macroeconomics is one of the most relevant AP classes for business majors. Every business student is expected to take this class in their first year, as it serves as the foundation for everything they learn later on.

We’ll give AP Macroeconomics a 5 out of ten difficulty score. It won’t be as easy as AP 2D Art & Design, but it won’t be as difficult as physics C.

The average score for macroeconomics is around a 3, which is a passing grade. If you put in consistent time for this class, it’s pretty doable to get a perfect score.

AP Microeconomics

Most students tend to take this class along with macroeconomics. The concepts in both classes are very similar. They are just viewed from different angles.

The average score for microeconomics is also around 3.

A lot of business concepts and theories are based on statistical analysis. If you want to understand these ideas at a deeper level and where they came from, you will need a good grasp on statistics. The fact that most theories in business are based on statistics makes this class one of the most crucial AP Classes For Business Major.

We’ll give AP Statistics a difficulty score of 6 out of ten. It’s definitely easier than calculus, but not as easy as some people make it out to be.

The average score for AP statistics is 2.85. The reason for the score being kind of low is that too many students are overestimating how easy AP Statistics is and getting a bad score, thus skewing the curve.

All of the richest people in the world have a solid foundation in math.

The truth, as a lot of people won’t say, is that most universities don’t care and don’t see that much difference between them. is okay for most people. If you want something more advanced, you could go for BC.

The average score for Calculus AB is 2.77

The average score for Calculus BC is 3.62

AB Calculus scores will be skewed by people overestimating their abilities and underestimating the difficulty of the exam. Which is why Calculus BC has a higher average score than AB, despite it being more difficult. This phenomenon occurs in other APs too.

A huge part of business is selling to people. Whether that be clients, investors, or employees, You’re always selling to someone. Even a basic understanding of psychology goes a long way. Knowing what buttons to push to move people will put you above your competition without even trying.

AP Psychology is a nice start to your AP journey as an aspiring business student. It’s considered an easy class to take, and it will serve as a good start to motivate you to take more classes.

The average score for AP Psychology is 2.71

This class is not going to be for everybody. Only take this class if you’re interested in later going into venture capital or the tech startup world. It will help you distinguish between real revolutionary tech you should invest in and fads that you should ignore.

The average score for AP Computer Science Principles is 2.99

The ability to deal with people is as purchasable a commodity as sugar or coffee, and I will pay more for that ability than for any other under the sun.

John D. Rockefeller

Aside from the academic benefits of taking this class, Being a good writer makes you a dangerous person. Very few people actually know how to articulate their thoughts and communicate them to others. This one skill makes this class one of the best AP Classes For Business Major.

again. Writing is such an important skill that if you just have this single skill and no other business knowledge, you can enter the world of business. Around 10% of businessmen have an English degree.

The average score for AP English Language and Composition is 2.86

All big businesses have a lobbying team. even if you don’t plan on going into lobbying. Having a basic understanding of government structure and function will help you as your business gets bigger and has to deal more and more with the government.

Just like psychology. AP Government is a great place to test the waters. If you’ve never taken an AP class before, Consider starting with the AP Government.

The average score for AP US Government and Politics is 2.62