Best Self Paced GMAT Prep




Best Self Paced GMAT Prep Option One. Manhattan Prep.

Every GMAT student you ask will tell you that Target Test Prep is one of the Best Self Paced GMAT Prep courses you could go for. The reason being that you’re pretty much guaranteed a steady increase in your score if you just follow the material and answer the questions.

An average student goes up 120 points within 6 months to a year of self-studying on TTP. This makes it one of the best self paced GMAT prep courses because of its guarantees.

If you have a longer timeframe, like mentioned above, then this is a great choice for you. But if you have only about a month or two, then the benefits you will get from this will be minimal.

Best Self Paced GMAT Prep Option Two. TargetTestPrep.

Manhattan Prep is pretty much the go-to for most people. They are a premium service that’s owned by Kaplan, the biggest test prep company in the world. They also have a track record of producing many students who eventually got into Ivy League business schools. If you’re an ambitious person who can handle the intensiveness of Manhattan Prep, this would be the best self-paced GMAT prep for you.

As we told you before, Manhattan Prep is a premium service. It’s the most expensive on the list. It’s only suitable for highly ambitious people who want to quickly increase their pay by multiples by the time they graduate.

Manhattan Prep is the best self-paced GMAT prep for high-earners who want to make more or who want to pursue their careers.

Best Self Paced GMAT Prep Option Two. Magoosh.

Magoosh is focused on being a GMAT prep course for all. Their curriculum is designed to be intuitive for everyone. They also have the best and most extensive set of questions.

If you like problem solving, then Magoosh is for you because of its practice-oriented structure.

If you’re a busy person who wants to grasp the ideas quickly and start practicing ASAP, then Magoosh might be your best option.

Best Self Paced GMAT Prep Option Two. EMPOWERgmat .

EMPOWERgmat is the most affordable option on our list. It was built to fulfill the need for GMAT prep courses that don’t cost thousands of dollars.

If you are in a low-paying field you don’t like and you want to switch out of it as soon as possible without getting into a ton of debt, Then EMPOWERgmatis the best self-paced GMAT prep choice for your journey.

If you think the above applies to you, you can try them out for only one cent by clicking the button below.

Best Self Paced GMAT Prep Option One. eGMAT.

Despire eGMAT to have a smaller library of content. They are just as effective because of their strategy-centered approach. They don’t make you grind through problems. They come up with frameworks that help you simplify and deal with hard questions more easily.

If you believe people should work smarter, not harder, then eGMAT is the best self paced GMAT prep option for you on the market.