Best UC Davis Study Abroad Programs

1. Summer Abroad: A Month of Immersive Learning

Imagine a month filled with eye-opening experiences in another country. The UC Davis Summer Abroad program offers just that. Unlike traditional classroom settings, this program thrusts students into the real-world application of their majors. Outdoors and engaged with professionals or fellow students, participants focus on practical, real-life experiences, fostering experimentation and observation. While it provides an immersive cultural experience, it’s important to note that the academic value might be limited, and it lacks the career opportunities of an internship.

2. Quarter Abroad: The Perfect Blend of Immersion and Academics

For those seeking a more extended and academically-focused experience, the Quarter Abroad program is an ideal choice. Lasting three months, this program combines immersive learning with valuable academic insights. Participants continue UC classes while engaging in trips or volunteering, striking a balance between hands-on experiences and classroom learning. The shorter duration may be appealing, but similar to Summer Abroad, career opportunities may be limited.

3. Summer Abroad Internships: For Career-Driven Education

Enter the world of career-focused education with the Summer Abroad Internships program. Lasting a month, students work for vetted overseas companies, gaining hands-on experience that enhances their resumes. While it offers practical education in a professional setting, drawbacks include limited insight into the local culture and minimal academic progress.

4. UC Summer & Independent Programs: Tailored Educational Experiences

UC Summer Programs and Independent Programs provide students with the flexibility to shape their educational journey. Whether exploring other UC branches or venturing beyond the UC system, these programs offer independence and personalized education. However, the lack of detailed planning may pose a challenge.

5. Virtual Summer Internships: Navigating Education in the Digital Realm

In response to evolving needs, UC Davis introduces Virtual Summer Internships. Lasting two months, this program combines convenience and cost-effectiveness, allowing students to gain work experience from the comfort of their homes. However, it falls short in providing the real-world experience of working overseas and may have fewer networking opportunities compared to in-person programs.

6. UC Davis Global Intensives: Short-Term Educational Exploration

Tailored for students with limited time, UC Davis Global Intensives offer a three-week short-term educational experience abroad. Resembling the Quarter Abroad program but requiring less time away from campus, it provides a new educational perspective in a condensed format. However, it may lack comprehensive coverage due to its shorter duration.

7. UC Education Abroad Program (UCEAP): A Holistic Educational Experience

For a diverse and comprehensive educational experience, UCEAP stands out. With varying time periods, this program involves studying at an overseas university, incorporating language learning, internships, and research. Ideal for language learners and academically inclined students, it may spread focus across various educational components.


In conclusion, choosing the right UC Davis study abroad program depends on your preferences, academic goals, and desired level of immersion. Evaluate each option carefully to ensure a fulfilling and enriching educational experience. Your journey begins with selecting the program that aligns with your aspirations. Safe travels and happy learning!