7 Things You Need To Do To Get Into JCamp



Why You Will Get Rejected From JCamp

Most students send the same credentials and express the same ideas to different programs. If you want to get into JCamp, you will have to start changing how you apply to programs. Each program has its own goals. You can’t ignore that.

Standing out from the cookie-cutter crowd will take effort. The only way to stand out in your application is by showing your work. Show them you’re interested through your accomplishments.

This article uses the experience of past students to give you actionable advice. This advice will put you on track to being a student of action. If you want to show you’re a person of action, you’ll want to implement these techniques.

Get Your Recs From Diverse Sources

Why Most Recs Are Useless

If you’re like most students, when you hear “recommendation letter,” you immediately want to reach out to your teachers. This is the wrong way to go about it. All this strategy shows is that you’re good at calling your teachers and asking them for a letter.

The Secret To Impacting The Admissions Team

Your recs should show that you’ve made an impression on people from different walks of life. It should tell the admissions office that you’re proactive. You engage with various things by yourself.

Reach out to everyone you know

Reach out to people who have impacted you in some way, including:

  • School
  • Internships
  • Summer Camps
  • Conventions
  • Mentors
  • Social Circle

Rent A Camera

The Importance Of Storytelling

Your intro video should have something that draws people in. Include a hook at the beginning and a twist and the end.

Why They Don’t Care About You

Everyone else applying turns on their phone and starts recording. They all say the same thing in the same manner like it’s a cartel kidnapping video. How do you expect to get noticed that way?

Hire a team

If you’re serious about making a difference, you could hire someone to write an engaging 60-second script. You could also hire a professional editor for your intro video. We’ve found that people who had professional help were around 20% more likely to get accepted.

You could literally hire the same people professional content makers hire for their YouTube shorts and TikToks for as little as 30 bucks on Fiverr. 

Include Multilingual Sources

Answering the question where do you get your news from

Many people are lured into showcasing their knowledge about global issues. Or, it lures them into showing off how politically informed they are. This is not what the question is trying to test.

What they want to see in you

The admissions is trying to see how proactive you are to the media. It wants to see if you passively consume information or react and do more research. Usually, if you keep researching a topic you will end up with a lot of niche sources and sometimes sources from different parts of the world. This shows you would be a great journalist.

What kind of articles should I translate?

The best way to include diverse news sources is to research a topic and end up with primary sources and then secondary sources from different perspectives. Otherwise, it looks unnatural

Niche Down

When writing about topics that recently interested you or when choosing a topic you could write about for a whole month choose something specific that matters to you personally. Too many people want to write about climate change and the elections. Be unique. be you.

Expand On Past Experience

When talking about things you would like to accomplish as a journalist focus on continuity. It will help tremendously if the topics you want to report on impact your life personally in some way. Even better if you have already been doing journalism work on them.

Write In Plain Language

Writing in big fancy words gives people the feeling you have no idea what you’re talking about and are just trying to hide your cluelessness Journalism is all about communication. The simpler the better.

Write The JCamp Optional Essay

Prestigious programs won’t take people who just phone it in. The optional essay is there to weed out people who want to do the bare minimum. If you don’t know what to write on the optional essay pretend you ran into one of the admissions officers in real life, what would you tell him about you that might make him more likely to give you an acceptance?

Why These Techniques Are Timeless

These techniques are really effective in strengthening your position in any application. The reason they always work is because most people don’t implement them. The only way to set yourself apart is to take action.

JCamp FAQs

What is JCamp?

  • JCamp is a journalism program offering immersive training for high school students interested in media and storytelling.

Is JCamp prestigious?

  • Yes, JCamp is very prestigious in the journalism community for fostering young talent and promoting diversity in media.

Is JCamp Competitive?

  • Yes, JCamp attracts top-tier applicants, making the selection process highly selective.

What Is JCamp’s Acceptance Rate?

  • JCamp’s acceptance rate varies annually due to high application volumes, although it averages around 10%

Who Is Eligible?

  • High school students passionate about journalism, regardless of experience, can apply for JCamp. Diversity is emphasized.

How much does it cost?

  • JCamp is fully funded, covering tuition, housing, and meals for selected participants.

What is the program structure?

  • JCamp offers an intensive curriculum with workshops, seminars, field trips, and hands-on projects led by professionals.

Where Is JCamp Located?

  • JCamp is hosted annually in Washington, D.C.

How long is the JCamp summer program?

  • The JCamp summer program is typically a week long.

When is JCamp’s deadline?

  • The specific deadline for JCamp applications varies annually. Although it’s usually in March.