Top 10 Things You Have To Buy Before Studying Abroad

  • Durable Luggage
  • Crossbody Travel Bag
  • wax jacket
  • eSIM
  • Universal Adapter
  • Portable Power Bank
  • Luggage Lock
  • Filtration Water Bottle
  • Neck Pillow
  • Journal

All the examples I give are examples I saw happen to people traveling with me. The first one on the list is accidentally breaking your luggage or having the airline break it.


I found that having a solid luggage set will help you long-term. A good set could stay with you for up to a decade. I’ve had mine for four years, and they’re still as good as new.

If you’re looking for a durable luggage set that will stay with you for a long time, then you need a budget of at least 100 dollars to get the best light hard case luggage. The set I bought also came with a small durable backpack. I’ve found it to be the most durable student backpack.

Losing your passport overseas is one of the worst experiences you could go through during a semester abroad. It will ruin your plans and cause an unexpected load on your budget for a temporary passport or an emergency passport.

You can keep up to $10,000 in cash with you in your personal bag. Make sure to also keep your passport, ID, tickets, and power bank in this bag. Keep it with you at all times.

If your trip is in a harsh environment, you’ll need a wax jacket. It’s a common occurrence for people to get sick when traveling. You want to take precautions against that because, in your case, you can’t afford to get sick as you’re here for a limited time to learn and gain credit. Even a single day in bed can disturb your entire schedule.

Originally designed for British elites who enjoy hunting. British Wax Jackets are meant to be tough to protect you against dust, wind, and rain. It’s also very low-maintenance. You don’t need to iron or wash it, and it has a really long lifetime.

A wax jacket is made of high-quality cotton treated with wax. With time, it takes your body shape and is molded by you wearing it. If treated properly, a wax jacket can last you an entire lifetime. For a good-quality original jacket, you can expect to spend around $200.

Make sure you have a global data plan before departure. I used an app called Airalo for this. It turned out to be cheaper than getting a SIM card at the airport.

eSIMs give you data only. Which is typically all you’ll need for connecting with the rest of the world. If, for some reason, you need to send local SMS messages or make calls, you can buy a regular SIM at the airport.

The best eSIM app I found is called Airalo. The Airalo global eSIM plan starts at only 5 dollars for a week’s worth of internet.

Power outlets are different in every country. Make sure to have a universal socket adapter, or you might be stuck with a dead battery for days before managing to buy a new charger.

Make sure to get a universal travel adapter that supports all outlet types. Don’t just buy for the outlet of the country you’re going to now. It will end up being more convenient later on.

If you have your flight ticket and check-in information on your phone, make sure to always have a power bank on you. Also, if you rely on Google Maps a lot, always carry a power bank with you.

In most cases, you will only need a 10,000-mah power bank. 10000 mah to wh, that’s 37 watt-hours.

If you have anything valuable in your luggage, make sure to lock it. In a lot of poor countries, it’s pretty much expected to have something gone from your luggage. If you have to have valuable stuff like jewelry, at least make sure all your luggage is locked.

In many countries, tap water is pretty much undrinkable. Have a filtration bottle with you, especially if you suffer from pre-existing kidney problems. If you have a long trip, like a semester away, it will help a lot with your budget. Buying bottled water every day can quickly rack up bills.

The filtration on the bottle allows you to fill it up from anywhere and still be safe to drink. You should look for at least a two-stage filtration system to make it sufficiently safe to drink.

For a high-quality filtration bottle with two-stage filtration, you can expect a budget of at least 50 dollars. Thankfully, replacing the filters every couple of months is cheaper.

If your flight is long or has multiple layovers, you will absolutely need this. I had a multi-city flight that lasted 27 hours. I slept on the plane to be able to explore the places I transited in. I ended up exploring New Delhi and Kuala Lampur before finally landing in Korea.

Don’t underestimate the value of documenting your life. Especially when you are experiencing something you have never done before, like living overseas.

Make it a habit to sit down at least once a week and recap everything new you experienced and all the lessons you learned. Trust me, your future self will thank you as they read your travel notes years into the future.

It’s literally the easiest thing to get on this list. You can get a journal from anywhere for as little as 10 dollars. I ended up buying a 360-page notebook that would be enough for the whole leg of the trip.