UCEAP Study Abroad Program Full Guide

UCEAP study abroad checklist

  • STEP 4: PLAN
  • STEP 6: PACK


Sit down and sift through the programs, and ask yourself if they genuinely mean something to you and would positively add to your skills.

To access the UCEAP Course Catalog, click here.

Of course, just following your passion isn’t enough. You need a long-term vision and a goal to strive toward. This goal is different for everyone. The point is to keep that goal in mind as you choose your program.

If you have long-term goals related to academia, such as aspiring to become a professor, a research UCEAP program may be the best choice for you.

However, if you are more career-centered, the UCEAP Study Abroad Program offers valuable internships.

If your aspirations involve helping people and doing humanitarian work, consider exploring a new culture through a volunteer trip abroad.

UCEAP study abroad cost: On average, a year abroad costs about the same as a year at your U.C. campus.

A useful way to evaluate your strengths is to ask yourself what you’ve always been better at than your peers. Asking what you’ve always been good at doesn’t mean you’re going for something easy and not stepping out of your comfort zone. This brings us to our next point.

Flow is a state of total focus where you’re not aware of your surroundings or time passing. Flow occurs when you’re working on something just a little bit above your comfort level. Go for something easy, and you will get bored. Go for something too difficult, and you will get frustrated.


Now that you’ve made your mind up and evaluated your decision, it’s time to sign up. Applying for UCEAP is a straightforward process. Click the button to get started on your UCEAP study abroad application.


If you’re attending UC Davis on a financial aid plan, then most of your expenses will be covered by your plan. Do check at the Financial Aid Office for confirmation.

If you aren’t on a financial aid plan or your plan doesn’t cover everything, you can still afford your trip by applying for scholarships. UC has a variety of different scholarships. You can check them out right here.

If you need financial aid and scholarships, you will need to start budgeting.

If all your previous steps are not enough, your best bet for studying abroad is to re-evaluate your program of choice. Some programs, such as internships, will pay you while you earn credit. It may take some compromise, but it’s still doable.


Planning for your study abroad programs differs based on the program you pick. For more information tailored to your program, You can log into your UCEAP account by clicking the button below.


This is the part where you finalize your plans. In this step, you might need to register for another university you will be studying at. or registering for specific courses.

This part is pretty normal for most people who have traveled before. Buy a plane ticket, book a room, rent a car, etc.


Only pack the things that you need. In many cases, it’s just cheaper to buy whatever you need in the country you’re going to than to buy it here and pay for the extra weight at the airport.

If you’re not on a financial aid plan, you might need to buy travel insurance.

If you’re taking some kind of medication, you should check if you can easily get it in the country you’re going to. Also, carry a couple of months worth of that medication just in case.

There are a lot of things you’ll need to buy as part of your travel prep. We have another article about the most important things you’ll need, which you can check out right here.